We're working on developing our league and will be announcing members in June 2019.

If you are interested in joining the NGHL or know of a team that would be a good fit, please share our site.

The National Girls Hockey league would like to welcome these founding members.

NGHL Membership Icons
Nashville Predators
Boston Advantage
Boston Advantage
Ironbound Elite
St.Louis AA Blues
St. Louis Blues
Dallas Stars
Dallas Stars Elite
Florida Alliance
MFF Stars
Mid Fairfield CT Stars
NGHL Membership Icons
Carolina Hurricanes
Chicago Fury
NY Islanders
Islanders Elite
NGHL Ohillie Little Flyers
Philadelphia Little Flyers
Team Colorado
NJ Devils Youth
NJ Devils Youth
Ontario Hockey Academy - Guest Team

Grow the Game

We require each program in our league to make a commitment to grow the game within their own organization or commit to partnering with another local organization to work together to facilitate growing the female game.  This is a great opportunity for some of our older players to give back by volunteering at try-hockey-for-free girls events as well as help build a sustainable feeder to each of our league members programs.

Learn more about how to grow the game.