ACHA Women's Hockey Session 2022
Join us Monday, August 8, 7:00pm ET for our ACHA Women’s College Hockey Webinar.

Learn more about ACHA college hockey from speakers - administrators, coaches, and players - from both ACHA divisions who will share their knowledge and experience with our players and families.

This event is FREE and registration is required. 

ABOUT: American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA)

The American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) governs 64 women’s club hockey programs across the US. 

  • Division 1: 23 teams in 3 conferences
  • Division 2: 41 teams in 4 conferences

ACHA rosters are generally filled with student-athletes who wish to remain competitive in college.  While ACHA teams are inclusive of all skill levels, they hold try-out to fill roster spots. Practice is generally scheduled for three to four times a week with home and away competitions on the weekends.