The Showcase series purpose is two-fold:

  • to create a positive, organized, inclusive atmosphere for our girls' hockey programs, and
  • to match up and provide exposure and top competition for girls hockey teams, and organizations across the country.

The events are held at top venues supporting girls, women's, and NHL hockey homes as well as desirable scouting locations for maximum exposure to college scouts.

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The Red Division events are designed for a selection of full-season teams that have committed, through membership, to play in the NGHL league.
NGHL member clubs in the Red Division at the 14, 16, and 19 age levels will receive access to ICEBERG Analytics’ Premium X product at league events where game clips and advanced stats will be automatically uploaded to each players TPE profile page.  Red Division players in the 14,16, and 19 age levels will also have enhanced standings through Gamesheet as well as participation in the end-of-year All-Star Game.

There will be an opportunity for guest teams to participate in these Red Division events.
If you are interested in participating in a Red Division event, please contact us at


The Blue Division events are open for registration and will have teams across multiple levels Tier 1 & Tier 2.  Schedules will be built to ensure competitive games.
Blue Members are offered a discount and must commit to two (2) events plus the Championship weekend in St Louis over Presidents Weekend. This championship weekend is undoubtedly the highlight of the season, playing in the beautiful Centene Community Ice Center, home of the St Louis Blues NHL team and Lindenwood D1 & ACHA Women’s Hockey. Full-time members will also have the opportunity to have select players participate in an All-Star Game.

There will be an opportunity for guest teams to participate in these Blue Division events. All Blue Division events are guaranteed 4 games/event with semis/finals based on points.