The NGHL uses GameSheet, Inc. , an iPad-based app, for its scheduling, rosters and scoring.  Rosters are uploaded by League Members / team managers.  The team manager for each League Member will gather the rosters for their team and input them directly into GameSheet. For general information on frequently asked questions for GameSheet, please visit the following links:


Accessing the Gamesheet Dashboard Website

To access the Dashboard website you'll need to create an account by going to and clicking on "Create new account".

If you already have a Gamesheet Account, log on and go to the top right corner where your name/account is. Toggle to ACCEPT INVITATION and input your code.

Managing your Roster - Once you have created your account, follow the links down from Association to League, to Season, to Season Teams, and click on your team. Load your roster and include jersey numbers. You can add each player manually OR use your team's USA Hockey Team ID.

Viewing Completed Score Sheets - After your team has played its first game you can view the score sheet by signing into the Dashboard website on any web-enabled device and following the links down from Association to League, to Season, to Games.