Bethesda, MD – The National Girls Hockey League has launched its next generation website. The new site development has been in process for several months in collaboration with its creative partner IOI Ventures.

From overwhelming to sleek and efficient, IOI has produced a website that is not only functional, it is strategic. The ability to navigate the site with ease all while gathering pertinent information along the way is unmatched. The inclusion of dynamic imagery, interactive icons, and a comprehensive CTA strategy makes the site’s user experience enjoyable. 

“The site was created with our community of clubs in mind, for hockey people, by hockey people. With our commitment to leading edge multimedia and ongoing creative visual additions this new site is certain to provide a best-in-class browser experience and highlight our community of clubs who are committed to the NGHL,” said NGHL’s Leslie Case. “With the GameSheet embed in the site, we provide the member teams, players and families user friendly navigation and real time schedule, stats and standings.”

About National Girls Hockey League – In its 4th year, the National Girls Hockey League (“NGHL”) is is dedicated to the promotion and growth of girls ice hockey programs across the nation and supports its member clubs’ vision for player-focused development and progression to the next level. The NGHL hosts member teams as well as guest teams from around the country. Its offerings comprise league play, showcases, and exposure clinics and have teams competing at the 10U through 19U levels at Tier I and Tier II. The NGHL provides high-quality league games and showcases for over 500 teams from over 30 organizations across 20 Mid-Atlantic states. 

About IOI Ventures – IOI Ventures works with small to mid-sized businesses to maximize ROI and increase sales by improving digital marketing and sales strategies. IOI represents a new approach to marketing that connects the dots to sales and focuses on lead generation and revenue growth. The digital marketing team analyzes a clients goals, and creates comprehensive and effective go-to-market plans. IOI stands for Integrity Over Income and is the backbone of the business. They see themselves as an extension of their partner’s team and believe marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game. They’re a growing team of data-driven digital marketers and sales operations professionals that tie investments back to revenue.