Boston Advantage

The Boston Advantage program was founded in 2007 at Pilgrim Arena in Hingham, Massachusetts. What started out in its initial year with 8 teams has now morphed into a staggering 43 teams, which is now one of the largest programs in North America. The program fields teams from 5 years old (DEVOS) to 20 years old (NCDC). The Boston Advantage has over the last 15 years is now known as a National contender year in and year out. All youth teams will receive 2 practices in addition to 1 skill session per week. The skills sessions will be conducted by Lovell Hockey staff which is second to none on the East Coast. 

The goal of the Boston Advantage Hockey Club is to put forth a program in which players will be provided with an atmosphere of growth and development. We are fully dedicated to the advancement of your child as a hockey player and as a human being and will educate, instruct, and challenge them to be the very best that they can be. Our philosophy is to place a primary focus on the development of each player both skill-wise and as a whole. Our Advantage players will be taught what it takes to be a team player and will be pushed to their limits in order to further them as hockey players and as young people.




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