Under the steadfast leadership of Leslie Case and the team including Jeremy Dallow, John Opie, Andrew Coyne, and Julia Duncan, the NGHL has quickly established itself as the nationwide league for talented female athletes aged 10U through 19U at Tier I and Tier II levels. The league’s members have the privilege of participating in showcases that provide invaluable exposure to college scouts, culminating with highly anticipated league championships held in February. These events are well organized and held at top venues and desirable scouting locations, ensuring maximum visibility for aspiring players.

Reflecting on the achievements of the past five years, Murry Gunty, Founder and CEO of Black Bear Sports Group, acknowledged the significant impact of the NGHL in the hockey community. “Congratulations to Leslie Case and her team for a tremendous first five years,” said Gunty. “The NGHL serves a significant role in growing the girls’ game across the nation. The NGHL events are well organized with impeccable communication and have proven to raise our member’s profile nationally.”

Through its unwavering dedication, the NGHL has inspired countless young girls to pursue their dreams on the ice. The league’s commitment to providing a competitive and supportive environment has resulted in the development of well-rounded athletes who embody the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance.

As the NGHL embarks on its fifth season, it remains steadfast in the mission of its founder Kathryn Kehoe to empower girls in hockey and elevate the sport to new heights. The league will continue to prioritize player development and expand its reach to more communities to shape the future of girls’ hockey.