Training is part of every ice hockey player’s routine. Players learn how, and progress in their ability, to execute skills at higher speeds and in smaller areas, with more resistance. At the end of August, the NGHL College Exposure Camp hoped to amp up that training, if just for one day, and brought together competitive female hockey players and college coaches to train and talk hockey.

The athletes ranged from 13 – 18-year-olds, all striving towards the goal of playing hockey in college. The Exposure Camp provided personalized instruction and attention from some of the best coaches in the country, from all divisions and levels of the game, including

  • Chris Hall – Merrimack College (Division 1)
  • Katelyn Parker – University of Connecticut (Division 1)
  • Heath Isaacson – Post University (Division 1)
  • Melissa Paluch – Brown College (Division 1)
  • Elizabeth Wulf – Wesleyan University (Division 3)
  • Justin Simpson – Colby College (Division 3)
  • Dom Lozzi – UMass Boston (Division 3)
  • Katie Zimmerman – Western New England University (Division 3)
  • Mark Digby – SUNY Oswego (Division 3)
  • Mandy Montgomery – Elmira College (Division 3)

During the day, athletes were given the opportunity to sample various coaching styles while on the ice and got to know the coaches on a personal level. Lunchbreak took advantage of the perfect late summer weather and included an outdoor discussion on “What it takes to be a college hockey player.”

Based on the resounding success of this event, the NGHL will present another camp this season. Stay tuned to our social platforms at @nghlhockey for that update.