Our NGHL Columbus Day Showcase, Red Division – October 9 – 11, 2021 – had games in Haverhill, MA. We were fortunate to have had a visit from Neutral Zone northeast rep who shared their excitement about the game on Twitter @NZW_NE .

We know Neutral Zone scouts are running from one rink to the next in-season, so we appreciate that they carved out time to watch and write about our NGHL teams and players.

You can check out the comments in their tweets below and CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE DETAILED REPORT HERE (full report added March 2022)


October 9-11, scouting took place at Lawrence Valley Forum Arena, Haverhill Valley Rink, and Chelmsford Arena.  This event had three age brackets – 14U, 16U, 19U.  Ratings are based on this event’s viewing.


Zoe Puc #37 (Florida Alliance U16, F, 2024): Puc is a phenomenal hockey player.  She has speed to get there and stick skill to take the puck and score, with athletic ability to turn around and do a full ice full speed break-away again.  Covering center position, she plays physical and smart; she will make you pay if you make a mistake and if given any opportunity near the opponent’s net – she will bury one.  She is fun to watch, dogging other players, she has heart for the game that comes through, and her work ethic to hustle every shift is outstanding.   She was our CCM player of the tournament.  

Jordan Ray #20 (Florida Alliance U19, F, 2022): Ray is a well-rounded player of elite level.  She has quick reaction time and reads the play. Standout game sense.  She steals the puck and executes a hard perfect cross-ice pass through the neutral zone and next shift earns an assist on a crafty offensive pass.  Strong on skates and leans in to get to the net.  She is a goal scorer of high caliber.  

Ana Witmer #21 (Ironbound Elite U14, F): Witmer is a talented hockey player.  She has great stick skills with soft mitts to get around players and a quick release on her snipe of a shot.  She has good hockey sense, cycling feet moving as F1 driving the net or F3 without puck option, and drops back to cover for defense. Witmer is an important part of her team and can light the lamp like Christmas.  


Alexis Fitzsimmons #73 (Florida Alliance U16, F, 2022): Fitzsimmons is an offensive mined forward that can work her way to the net and scored under pressure on the goal line.  She has good size, a quick release, and a hard shot that all help her light the lamp.  

Lily McTeague #55 (Valley Jr. Warriors U14, F, 2025): McTeague is an excellent hockey player with skills above her age.  She plays right wing cutting in with speed, confidence and is aware.  She is crafty with her stick, shifty on her skates, and combined with her IQ will get the puck to net most shifts.  She has a strong work ethic and hustles to back check.  Good passing and part of the special team.  Fun player to watch.  

Abboud Wren #39 (Boston Advantage U16, F): Wren is a smart player knowing when to challenge, pass, or back-up to give her team time to set-up.  She has an active stick, passes and shots well.  She can set up her center in front or carry the puck to find a good shooting lane and tickle the twine.  She is effective on the special teams.  

Julie Morrison #8 (Boston Advantage U16, F, 2025): Morrison is a big athletic winger that has skills.  She can pivot on her skates tight to get around opponents, while keeping the puck moving with precise give and go passing.  She can help create scoring opportunities with her smart sense timing.  She has a snipe of a shot and lights the lamp.  She plays on the penalty kill special team.  

Kathryn Smith #11 (Ironbound Elite U14, F): Smith is a speedy winger.  She has a good IQ, will forecheck/ backcheck hard and can find the twine with a quick wrister. 

Eve Clemans #63 (Florida Alliance U16, F, 2024): Clemans is a smooth skating gifted winger.  She has the competitive drive to play physical with a balance of game sense.  She is generous and will pass at the opportune time or step-up and go.  She is a threat near the net both for her stick skills and ability to find the best lanes.  


Macy Gehrke #88 (Team Colorado U19, F, 2022): Gehrke is a competitive forward that has some speed.  She is a playmaker setting up the net front pass effectively.  Good on the face-off circle and an athletic player.  She is great on the penalty kill and has a talent for dogging the opponent.  She has a nose for getting the shot off and can light the post. 

Emily Hansen #26 (Milwaukee Junior Admirals U19, F, 2023): Hansen is a talented center that communicates well with her team.  She can skate well and is a smart player.  She knows when to make the play to the open side and create lanes.  She has a hard shot with umph which finds the back of the net and can light the lamp.  She is a team first type player and works hard on the penalty kill with success.   

Bryn Prier #26 (Florida Alliance U19, D, 2022): Prier is a goal scorer and set a play to make her team successful.  She is used on the penalty kill with good reason; her determination shows to get the puck.  She is a solid versatile winger and has good game sense in many situations.  She likes to draw the defense deep to set the pass in front.   

Alison Masters #2 (Valley Jr. Warriors U14, F): Masters covers center winning about half the draws at this event.  She is not afraid to use her body to gain puck control and battle one-on one.  She hustles back to help defense and can shoot from center ice on net. Creative forward with a toolbox of skills and ways to help team light the lamp.   

Julia Bella #47 (CT Polar Bears U14, F, 2024): Bella is a good skater and plays smart with or without the puck.  She will hustle to the puck, carry to offensive zone and get a shot off.   She is competitive, will dog a player pressuring them to give up possession and supports both ways.  She serves on the special teams.   

Maggie Berleth #27 (Valley Jr. Warriors U14, D, 2025): Berleth is a solid feisty defender.  She protects the puck with her body, can curls the puck and handles it in tight spaces.  She skates well with speed and can wheel around opponents.  She has a high compete level and gets shots on net, particularly nice wrister.  Works hard on the special teams.   

Lauren Roeder #12 (Valley Jr. Warriors U14, D/F, 2025): Roeder is a tall winger that cycles well with defender to create scoring opportunities.  She plays smart and knows when to curl to the boards or step up using good body positioning to win possession.  She will go hard stopping a player at the boards, strong skater, and has soft mitts.  She had a total blueline snipe goal that the goalie never saw.   

Julie Jasaitis #22 (Ironbound Elite U14, D, 2025): Jasaitis is a capable puck mover at both ends of the ice.  She is patient and sees the play, sets an accurate pass or can carry it deep keeping possession around the offensive zone finding the open lane.  She is a heads-up player and a scoring threat defender.  

Piper Gwinn #92 (Team Colorado U14, F, 2026): Gwinn is a versatile player that cycles with the defense and is an aggressive forward.  She is strong on her skates and is not knocked off the puck easily.  She has crafty stick skills, passing tape to tape and gets the puck on net.  Good game sense and has a toolbox of techniques to gain the offensive, including a perfect loft pass.  She finds the best release spot and scores goals.  Part of the special teams.   

Sophia DeAnzeris #11 (Rome U16, D, 2025): Deanzeris understands the game and is solid at both ends.  She can make a tape-to-tape pass to the F1 or carry the puck up an open lane with a quick hard release.  Her blueline wrister is on target and adds points for the team.  She plays physical, wins battles and backchecks with confidence.  Able to use her speed variant to get by players and makes the smart play.   

Amanda Ranauda #66 (CT Jr. Rangers, D): Ranauda is a tall smart defender that will battle and get possession in her end and find the best outlet option.  She has speed to skate it or sees the F1 for a tape-to-tape pass.  She can jump down in the offensive zone to keep pressure and holds the blueline curling around opponents.  Her shot is on target, adding points with her ability to get shots on net.   

Lilly McInerney #19 (Valley Jr. Warriors U14, F): McInerney L. is an athletic winger with great stick skills.  With good hockey sense, she is alert to where her linemates are and will cycle keeping the play alive.  Using crafty little touches and feet moving, she will keep possession finding the open lane until she can successfully release her hard wrister.   

Alexsandri Martin #13 (CT Northern Lights U14, D): Martin is a talented defender that has good hand eye coordination connecting with the puck to clear or control.  She can skate by most players with her athletic ability and plays physical.  She has good stick skills and a sweet blueline wrister.   

Kaitlyn Boerst #11 (Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, F): Boerst plays center winning most of her draws.  She covers 200 feet of ice and will battle hard along the boards and back checking.  She is a smart player and is in the right position most times and has success lighting the lamp with her shot.   


Su-An Cho #16 (Florida Alliance U19, D, 2022): Cho is a defender that sees the ice and sets the break away with a hard pass.  She helps create turn overs and can get shots on goal in the offensive zone by settling a bouncing puck quick and firing a wrist shot or a slapper towards net.  

Annalena Heuten #35 (Team Colorado U19, G, 2022): Heuten is a small net tender that has great vision to track puck.  She anticipates the angle well and has a quick grab and smothers loose pucks hard. She can keep her team in the game and records a high save percentage during a high SOG event. 

Gabby Demorat #34 (Team Colorado U19, F, 2022): Demorat is a strong skater that plays physical.  She communicates well with teammates.  Face-off wins in the positive and strong on the penalty kill. Quick wrist shot that has eyes. 

Skylar Kline #70 (CT Jr. Eagles, F): Kline is good. She is a tall winger that pivots tight and is sneaky.  She moves around the opponent and when that’s not an option, she goes through their feet.  She has a wrist shot that wakes goalies up and can find the back of the net.  A valuable part of the power play. 

Abigail Schum #13 (Team Colorado U19, D, 2023): Schum is an athletic player and willing to block shots.  She is usually to puck first and makes the right play. Good skater. 

Madelyn Pope #55 (Florida Alliance U19, F, 2022): Pope has a hard shot. She is a good-sized forward that looks for the play.  She is used on the penalty kill.  She is a solid player and has a noteworthy work ethic, demonstrating second effort every shift.  

Kylie Brown #8 (Florida Alliance U19, F, 2022): Brown has good skating and stick skills, carrying the puck up the ice and gets an accurate shot off while using speed.  She is a competitive player that pressures her opponent every shift. 

Charlotte Labre #90 (Philadelphia Little Flyers U19, F): Labre is a smart player that has the patience to wait for the scoring shot, creating a lane and working with line mates to keep procession.  She scores goal with her hard wrist shot and can back-hand the puck in the net quick.  Good face-off percentage.  Works hard to clear on the penalty kill and clears the zone with poke checks and physical play. 

Kaila Booth #5 (Philadelphia Little Flyers U19, F): Booth is a physical player that has speed.  She is on the smaller side but plays big.  Great on the penalty kill and gets to puck first to clear of carry it to kill clock.  She can see the ice and finds open ice, makes smart passes, and chips off boards to herself or cuts in to make a lane effectively.  She can score with a quick release wrist shot and has ability to track the rebound to tip in. 

Anna Kahl #32 (CT Jr. Eagles, D): Kahl is an athletic defender that uses her skating skills to cut back to angle the opponent to boards.  She has a high compete level and will clear the puck in most situations.  She has soft mitts that allow her to jump into the offensive play to set up a scoring opportunity of pass to the stick to set a break-away.  

Jenna Calchi #9 (Philadelphia Little Flyers U19, F): Calchi has a good IQ and know how to develop the play.  She has excellent hand – eye coordination and numerous times knock the puck down and stole it to disrupt the opponent’s set-up.  She skates well and would draw the D down to feed the net front. She can control the tempo and cycles light on her feet in the offensive zone, especially during the power play.  

Britney Bridel #20 (Milwaukee Junior Admirals U19, F, 2022): Bridel is a tall winger with a long reach and powerful stride.  She can get to the net and score.  She had a beauty of a wrister over the goalie and a quick backhand to beat the goalie.  She is effective at clearing the zone on a penalty kill.  

Leah Klingel #88 (Florida Alliance U16, D, 2023): Klingel is a hard-working forward that plays physical. She passes to the breakout player on tape and controls the back-check gap well.  Good slap shot.  We hope to watch her development in future years.  

Isabel Junkin #52 (CT Polar Bears U14, F): Junkin is a tall player covering center, at this event.  She is ferocious with speed, especially on the penalty kill and back-check. She wins draws and always plays with second effort.  Her shot is excellent, whether a rip on the drive or a tip in front, she has an active stick that scores.  Solid hockey player.  

Casey Clausen #33 (Rome U16, G, 2025): Clausen is a solid goalie that tracks well.  Her save percentage is low nineties and she stays square to puck.  Her tall stance and ability to read the play with anticipation allows her to stop the puck. She smoothers hard and covers the front well.  She is good under heavy pressure.  

Angelina Garganese #28 (Florida Alliance U16, F, 2023): Garganese covers wing or center.  When on the dot she can draw a win and help her team gain possession.  She is a heads-up player and has great crisp passing.  She plays with grit, battles along the boards for puck possession and covers the lot ice with a good stride.  She uses her quick release to pass and shoots on target.  Hard worker mentality.  

Nina Coffee #17 (CT Polar Bears U14, D, 2025): Coffee is a good skater that can carry the puck full ice and get a quick shot on goal.  She has a good reach, competitive and can manure around players.  Her timing is good with gap and finding the lane.  She has good vision of the play and ability to set the pass on a breakout. 

Britt Lybecker #22 (Team Colorado U14, F, 2026): Lybecker is an excellent winger, she has good energy and ability to get to the puck first and make a solid play.  She has soft mits and thinks quick whether handling, passing, or shooting.  She was able to take advantage of a dropping goalie with a speedy wrap tucking the puck for a beauty of a goal. Fun player to watch.  

Olivia Ferebee #29 (CT Polar Bears U16, G, 2025): Ferebee has good positioning, glove held high and tracks well.  She skates good and hugs the pipes. Good rebound and has a handle on what is in front, smoothers hard.  Ninety percentage on saves.  

Georgia Carragher #16 (Boston Advantage U16, D, 2024): Carragher is a hard-working defender that wants to be active both sides of the ice.  She sees the play and will call for it in offensive zone.  She will hustle to get to puck first and will make a successful outlet pass.  She is used on both special teams.  

Kyler Weatherred #19 (Team Colorado U14, F, 2025): Weatherred was covering right wing and would hustle to the puck or to backcheck.  She has good hand-eye coordination knocking the puck down or poke checking.  She is an unselfish smart player, willing to send a pass to improve the scoring chance.  Works will with her linemates Sceidegger and Thomas.  

Meghan Crowley #28 (Rome U16, F, 2025): Crowley is a solid skater with height that plays physical and win battles along the boards.  She works hard playing wing using her reach and size to get the puck to net.  Good hockey sense and will use defense as a shield, finding the lane and smooth player all around.  She can light the lamp with a hard shot and scores against tough teams.  

Easton Pramuka #20 (CT Jr. Rangers, F, 2026): Pramuka plays center and is an athletic hockey player that if she gets tripped up, will jump right back up and get the shot on goal.  Good skater, with crafty stick touches.  Her vision and ability to send stretch passes to open offensive chances are impressive.  She has a good shot, around the puck a lot and is a competitive player.  

Jase Krantz #41 (Team Colorado U14, D, 2025): Krantz is a physical player, using her body to protect the buck, not afraid of battling along the boards or to clear her goalie’s crease.  She has good IQ and knows when to pass or move the puck.  Effective penalty kill player stopping and clearing the puck.  

Ava Zeuner #35 (Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, D): Zeuner is a smart defender that can clear the puck out of the offense zone.  She sees the ice and makes the smart play and has good gap positioning. She is patient and controls the tempo with vision, skating and timing.  Her blueline wrister is on target.  Plays on the special team.  

Lila Pannacciulli #3 (CT Jr. Rangers, D): Pannacciulli is a physical hockey player that will bump opponents off the puck.  She keeps her feet moving with a quick step and will back-check hard with stick to knock puck away. Gaps good and she’ll skate through play to gain control. She has a rocket shot with a dangerous back-hand.  She is part of the special teams.  Passes well. 

Keileigh Donavan #23 (Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, D): Donavan is a smart defender making good choices when to challenge and when to angle. She is athletic and can get back to cover or jump in the offensive rush.  She has excellent reaction time and will hold the blueline.  Serves on the penalty special team.  

C Merrvill #9 (Lady Baked Beans Pink U14, F): Merrvill covers right wing and with her long reach and skating pressures well for the puck.  She can carry while maneuvering and get to the net for a shot.  Good wrister, passing and timing.  

Addy Garnity #11 (Lady Baked Beans Pink U14, F/D): Garnity was playing center and would hustle to the puck.   She is a tall player with great stick skills.  She had a sick goal totally faking out the goalie.  Good game sense, passing and ability to find the open lane or player.  

Emma Leahy #5 (CT Jr. Rangers, D, 2025): Leahy covers the right side and is a confident solid defensive player.  She skates well in both directions, great blueline wrist shot, and can calm the breakout play.  She uses her slapper to get the puck to net quick and will pinch in with good timing.  She is on the special teams, stepping up to the faceoff dot successfully and will carry the puck cycling with linemates for the best lane.  


Lexi Poulin #71 (Philadelphia Little Flyers U19, C): Poulin has a strong stick that shoots hard and quick. She likes to call for the puck with her stick and she can slapshot through defense.  She has a good compete level and pressures the opponent every shift.  Good face-off percentage and serves team well during penalty kill and power play.  

Morgan Raymond #62 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U19, C): Raymond is a player that can cover the ice, she keeps her feet moving. She is a feisty player and has great athletic ability.  She was knocked to her knees and still made the play winning the puck.  She has a good face-off percentage.  

Olivia Marcinkowski #14 (Boston Shamrocks U16, F, 2023): Marcinkowski is a physical player that plays smart.  She covers for the defense and is effective on the penalty kill.  She as good snapper that is released fast. She breaks even on the face-offs.   

Grace Babington #18 (Boston Shamrocks U16, F, 2022): Babington is a big center that with a high face-off win percentage.  Great hand-eye coordination to tip the puck down or pass up the ice on tape. She has a hard shot and a good wrister that she uses as she darts in front of the net to score.  She is athletic and can lean on players to gain ice or rebound quickly in tight battles. Consistent on the penalty kill.   

Hailey Anderson #24 (Florida Alliance U16, F, 2023): Anderson is a good-sized right winger.  She is strong on her skates and handles the puck well.  She has a talent for letting her slapper go and hitting the target.   

Kelsey Elliot #15 (East Coast Wizards U19, C): Elliott is a scoring threat with her quick release.  She hit the net with an absolute snipe.  She is a fast skater that hustles to the play or bench.  She holds her own in the face-off dot and passes tape-to-tape.    

Morgan Eilers #41 (Florida Alliance U19, D, 2022): Eilers is a powerful defender that will hold the blueline and know where to be.  She is talented along the boards and shows confidence in her game.  

Gianna Fortunato #18 (Florida Alliance U19, D): Forunato is an intelligent defender with good pace.  She is an excellent skater and covers the ice. She is used on the penalty kill and protects the house well.  

Elli Perkins #25 (CT Jr. Eagles, C): Perkins is a smart tall center that wins most face-offs.  She has a hunger to get to the net and will use her speed variant to get by defenders.  She knows how to use the point effectively and is a strong component of the team’s power play.  

Abigail Komrofske #4 (Team Colorado U16, D, 2022): Komrofske is a smart defender that skates well backwards or forwards.  She sees the ice and makes the stretch pass.  

Ava Waugaman #21 (Team Colorado U19, D): Waugaman is good at getting back or the poke check.  She is a reliable defender and able to drop in as needed on offense.  

Samira Schmidt #15 (Team Colorado U19, F, 2022): Schmidt skates with speed, she goes hard after the puck and will stick with the opponent to harass them to give up the puck.  She is not afraid to use her body and has a strong power play game. Knows where teammates are to find the scoring chance.    

Savannah Vennard #40 (Team Colorado U19, D): Vennard is a strong defender with a good skill set.  She communicates with teammates and steps in big.  She plays with confidence, controls gaps, and made an absolute snip goal to tie it up against Florida Alliance.      

Rachelle Cain #18 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U16, D, 2022): Cain is a smart defender, knowing where to send the pass and when to take a shot.  She jumped in offense to chip in a shot from point to light the lamp. Solid and with good size, she plays physical with a hard slapshot.  She can rip a shot from the blue line into the net and she is unselfish knowing when to send the puck to a teammate.   

Brittany Iversen #5 (East Coast Wizards U19, F, 2022): Iversen is a hard worker and skates with a mission.  She is a smaller center and uses it to maneuver and divide the defense on her tenacious zone entries.  She is used on the penalty kill and can get to the puck to clear. Good skater and dangerous goal scorer.  

Julie Tremblay #18 (East Coast Wizards U19, F, 2022): Tremblay is a large winger.  She can dog the opponent and creates turn overs with her pressure.  She has a great wrist shot and targets the upper right corner to score.  She can assist in the faceoff circle and win.  

Madelyn Franta #6 (Milwaukee Junior Admirals U19, F, 2023): Franta is a good skater that will carry the puck until the play is available.  She is very coordinated using her foot to move the puck while in motion to her stick or uses her body to protect the puck while finding the shot.  She is a hard worker and will hustle on or off the ice.   

Grace Johnson #14 (Valley Jr. Warriors U14, D): Johnson was spotted with her blueline agility.  Moving laterally to open a lane, around an opponent and sending a shot in upper corner through traffic – sick goal.  She is a reliable defender with good instincts.  She plays on the penalty special team.   

Alyssa Filmer #89 (CT Polar Bears U14, F): Filmer is a smart winger that skates well and passes cross ice tape to tape.  She will draw the defense deep into the offensive zone and make a well-placed pass to the net front.  She uses techniques to get the puck up the ice, such as, fakes and timing of speed.  She is part of the special teams.     

Hailey Vigna #10 (Ironbound Elite U14, F): Vigna is a good skater that is hungry for the puck.  She can handle traffic and get to the net with her active stick.  She has a good drive to score with ability to light the lamp.   

Sophie Smith #13 (Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, F): Smith plays center and skates well with edges to maneuver around opponent. She is a team player using her linemates to find the open side of net with sharp passes.  Good shot.   

Solana Zizzo #27 (Rome U16, D, 2024): S. Zizzo has a knack at seeing the play and where to send the puck.  She has a hard accurate pass and moves the puck quickly.  She will protect the blue line and send shots at net, resulting in great scoring opportunities.  She cycles the offensive zone dropping down as needed and confidently protects the puck at both ends of ice.   

Olivia Fagan #3 (Greenwich, F, 2025): Fagan is a strong athlete that has a good compete level.  She can skate the puck up and see the play developing and when the best option is to pass, she makes the set-up assist.  A total team minded hockey player.  Her shot is on target and can light the lamp, she had beautiful wrist shot goal finding the back of the net.     

Liliana Ficaro #25 (CT Northern Lights U14, F):  Ficaro plays left wing and has good hand eye skills.  She skates good and uses her size to angle opponents for possession and turn overs.  She has good speed and shot.   

Alianna Laporte #14 (Ironbound Elite U14, F): Laporte covers left wing and is not afraid to play big and physical.  She sets a pass tape to tape for moving the play forward or on numerous assists.  

Maggie Donegan #36 (CT Jr. Rangers, F): Donegan was covering center and can win draws.  She has good speed and stick handling skills.  She will circle the offensive zone to find the open lane and can release a quick shot when found.   

Victoria Concepcion #81 (CT Polar Bears U14, F): Concepcion plays wing using her stick skills, curls and strong skating to weave through the opponents.  She is a solid hockey player, and we look forward to watching her development.   

Lilly Ainley #37 (CT Jr. Rangers, F): Ainley is a right winger that gets the puck up the ice.  She can think quick, chip pass to herself or send a give and go.  She is good at receiving passe son the move and executes a good wrist shot on net.  She is part of the special teams penalty kill.    

Kira Sceidegger #21 (Team Colorado U14, F): Sceidegger is a young Team C first line center.  She is Feisty.  Yes, she draws penalties, but is so competitive we admire her drive and passion.  We look forward to her development and her confidence building in her skillset and trust to use them more than some of the behind the scenes shenanigans that put a team down a player.  Good skater, edges, and stick.   

Annie Schwarz #71 (CT Jr. Rangers, F, 2026): Schwarz covers the center wining a fair number of draws.  She is quick and plays with a high IQ.  She is a smaller player with time to develop.  She is good at using linemates to maneuver around opponents, we particularly liked her passing and back drops to find open lanes.  She is a team player that can help light the lamp.     

Lily Thomas #18 (Team Colorado U14, F, 2025): Thomas covers left wing and does her center well by getting the puck and setting the perfect pass to the front of the net.  When she finds the open lane or scoring opportunity, will let one fly with a strong wrister.  Confident player with good awareness.   

Katie Collins #7 (Mid-Fairfield U14, F, 2025): Collins is an excellent skater and understand how to use angles to ride the player out.  She has a strong stick and uses it well for passing, poke checks, and shooting.  She is part of the penalty kill special team.   

Abbie Poole #3 (Valley Jr. Warriors U14, F, 2025): Poole is a supportive left wing that carries the puck or passes well to set an offensive moving sequence.  She has a quick release and was able to send a puck in up and over the goalie’s glove for a game winning goal.  We look forward to seeing her development in the coming years.   

Lauren Rey #15 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U14, F): Rey covers center and plays competitively.  She skates well and can get the puck to net.  Her shot is quick and on target.  Part of the special teams.   


Danica Glass #23 (East Coast Wizards U19, F): Glass is a fast skater that moves well with the puck.  She will carry it up the boards and has perfect timing to chip along the boards to beat opponents.  She will hustle both directions and her speed comes into play during the penalty kill.   

Neely Donegan #9 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U19, D): Donegan is a physical strong defender that can hold the boards and blueline.  Great attitude, she took it hard and didn’t lose a step to focus on keeping the play alive.  She keeps opponent to the outside ridding them full ice.  Passing, shooting, and backchecking well are all in her toolbox.  She can send a rocket five-hole to add points for her team. She is versatile and will win face-offs as needed.  She has vision and can set the breakout with a tape-to-tape pass.  

Chloe Agopian #16 (CT Jr. Eagles, C): Agopian is a good skater that wins face-offs.  She has a crafty stick that can collect the puck and move around the opponent.  She is effective at stopping the shot on the penalty kill.   

Abigail Ainley #40 (CT Jr. Eagles, F, 2022): Ainley is effective playmakers using the point.  She is a team player and cycles with the defense to create an opening to get to the net.  She has skating skills and is dangerous with her stick, which she was able to score with keeping it active.  Two-way player.   

Julia Chase #30 (East Coast Wizards U16, G): Chase is a tall goalie that stays up strong. She smothers puck hard and transitions well between positions.  She sees the ice and stays active in the breakout play with hard well-placed passes.  She has a good glove technique, held high and open stance with a tight grab.  She is effective in making half-butterfly stops without leaving the front of the crease vulnerable.    

Seneca Urban #18 (Team Colorado U16, F, 2022): Strong forward that play physical.  Can win face-offs and uses her body to hold the dot.  

Isabella Paswaters #41 (Team Colorado U16, F, 2023): Paswaters has a quick release wrist shot.  She makes effective plays when on the ice and executes systems.  Good IQ and knows when to use the point.   

Finley Davignon #26 (CT Jr. Eagles, D): Davignon is a good all-around player. She skates with speed, shots on the move, has a quick shot and can score goals.  She has a powerful shot and was able to find the five-hole to light the lamp. She is aware of her teammates and will cover for the defense in a two-way game.  She plays physical, especially in front of the net or killing off a penalty.   

Ellie Grinnals #16 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U19, F, 2022): Grinnals plays with grit. She wins most face-offs and skates well.  She has a dialed hard wrist shot.  Can cross the line a bit with her intensity, but her pressure and disruptive actions win puck control.   

Lizzy Sachar #7 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U19, F): Sacher is a smart winger.  She handles the puck well in movement.  Her stick skills shined in a chip pass over a defender’s stick in landed net front for the perfect set-up.  Good two-way skating ability.  

Peyton Lyndon #22 (Milwaukee Junior Admirals U19, D, 2023): Lyndon is a physical defender that can flop opponents to clear the net.  She plays with tenacity and has a strong slapper that hits the target one way or another.  Hard passes.  

Samantha Roberts #44 (Philadelphia Little Flyers U19, F): Roberts is a good size forward that wins the one-on-one battles.  She uses skating and strength to drive the net.  

Sara Ponik #72 (Ironbound Elite U14, D): Ponik is a solid defender that takes shots on goal, many times allowing a redirect goal.  Good stride and we look forward to seeing more of her development.   

Clara Cumming #11 (CT Jr. Rangers, D, 2025): Cumming has a good shot and is not afraid to use it.  Good skating and sees the ice to make smart plays in both ends.  Able to send or receive a pass.   

Victoria Jonasson #27 (Team Colorado U14, F, 2026): Jonasson has a great work ethic and will hustle to the puck as a right winger.  She can maneuver around players being light on her feet and keeping her stick active.  Good layers and support player.   

Abigail Dicks #42 (Rome U16, F, 2024): Dicks is strong on her skates, with two players on her was able to muscle a shot off on net, her wrister is accurate and released with umph.   

Cadence Kelly #71 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U14, D): Kelly is a good-sized defender that works hard.  She will hustle to the puck to win possession.  Good on the blueline and passing.   

Erin Butler #55 (CT Jr. Rangers, D): Butler is a tall player that has great skating in both direction with speed.  Her balance is impressive and will not back off battles to win possession.  She is part of the special team on penalty kill.   

Brynli Newman #16 (Florida Alliance U16, F, 2023): Newman is a versatile forward with a competitive drive.  She supports the play with layers or clog up lanes and she will muscle along the boards.   

Lauren Rey #29 (Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, G): Rey is an athletic net tender that moves well.  Her ½ butterfly is smooth, glove held high, smothers loose pucks well.  She can anticipate and track play.   

Isabella Schifano #11 (CT Jr. Rangers, F): Schifano covers left wing and skates with speed. She can shoot well, her wrister seems to have eyes and whistles through traffic.  Passes are accurate.   

Karolina Prytko #64 (CT Northern Lights U14, D): Prytko has quick reaction time to clearing her defensive zone.  Solid defender that can handle the puck and maneuver around opponent.   

Mary Lohmeyer #27 (Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, D): Lohmeyer is a good skater in both directions and can glide with speed to cover the ice.  She has good size and is not afraid of the dirty areas to battle for possession.   

Hannah Rich #13 (Mid-Fairfield Minor, D, 2025): Rich covers the center dot with confidence.  She will take the puck on the move and drive the net for a shot on goal.  Good skating and could benefit from heads-up more.  Part of the penalty kill special team.   

Paige Smith #31 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U14, G): Smith is good under pressure.  She had an active glove and tracks the puck well.  Her hug is tight with little gaps, and she gets down to smoother hard.  She could open her mechanics a bit, but positioning is good.   

Skyler Toffolo #34 (CT Jr. Rangers, F): Toffolo is a tall winger with a great reach.  She positions herself well to protect the puck and plays hard along the boards.  She has a strong shot and agile feet.   

Elodie Anderson #19 (Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, F): Anderson is a physical winger that can disable her opponent and take possession. She is tall and uses her reach wisely. We look forward to watching more of her in the coming years.   

Keira Holdenrid #4 (Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, F): Holdenrid covers left wing with some crafty stick skills.  Good skater with an awareness to pass or shoot at the right time.  Her back pass is sweet and executed well.  We look forward to seeing more of her in the coming years.   

Juliana Iannace #20 (Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, D): Iannace is a strong solid defender with a power stride to get to the play.  She can get shots on net, with a particular boomer of a snapper.  Clears the zone with a hard pass.   

Mikayla Mrzywka #4 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U14, F): Mrzywka is a good-sized player that gives everything she has with a high compete level, skating through traffic, chasing puck while on belly, and battling for possession.  She is athletic and skates well.  


Molly Re #15 (Philadelphia Little Flyers U19, D): Re hustles to get puck, backcheck hard and quick to the bench.  This defender has a perfect stretch pass to hit the breakout player’s tape. We look forward to seeing her develop and skate again, as a hard hit ended her weekend too short.

Sydney Babin #29 (Philadelphia Little Flyers U19, G): Babin has good instincts and can read a play.  She made some impressive saves point blank, has a strong glove, and handles pressure well.  She can track the puck through traffic and made some great saves on 3 on 5 penalty kill.  With small positional tweaks and this goalie will find success at the next level.

Morgan Daly #4 (Philadelphia Little Flyers U19, D): Daly is a good defender when it comes to holding the blue line.  She is used on the penalty kill.  She takes shots on net and plays a physical game.  She moves opponent players from her team’s net and supports the goalie well.  

Payton Lloyd #26 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U19, D): Lloyd is a strong defender that can stand up opponents.  Playing her physical game, she dropped into pick-up the rebound to score. Not afraid to battle to protect her net.  Hard passing.  

Rebecca Cain #17 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U16, F, 2022): Cain has a good size and a great work ethic.  She goes hard after the puck to get control.  This right wing understands how to move the puck during the power play.  Good skater.  

Natasha Neelon #14 (East Coast Wizards U19, D): Neelon is a strong defender that can pinch along the boards as needed.  She is smart on the penalty kill knowing when to eat the clock or clear zone.  Good passes. 

Brianna Sullivan #8 (East Coast Wizards U19, F): Sullivan is a good skater that can handle the puck.  She is aware her line mates are and will cover for the defense to join the offense.  She has quick shot and ability to set-up the goal.  

Riley Millard #28 (CT Jr. Eagles, D): Millard is a tall defender with a great reach that she can hold the blue line or poke check with.  She has patience to find the offensive lane and make a hard shot.  

Isabelle Zizzo #29 (Rome U16, F): I. Zizzo has a great work ethic.  This right wing will battle to gain possession, give second effort, and hustle to join the rush.  We look forward to her continued development in the coming years.  

Abby McInerney #71 (Valley Jr. Warriors U14, F): McInerney A. is a young winger that plays big.  She supports her center well and we look forward to seeing more of her in the future.  

Cadence Kelly #71 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U14, D): Kelly is a good-sized defender that works hard.  She will hustle to the puck to win possession.  Good on the blueline and passing.  

Aaniva Heidt #33 (Team Colorado U14, D, 2025): Heidt is a tall defender that can see the ice.  She has a good on target blueline wrist shot, skates well, and will get back.  We look forward to seeing her play more in the future.  

Abby Roberson #25 (CT Jr. Rangers, D, 2026): Roberson is a tall player with good reach.  She will call for the puck to encourage the use of the point in offensive zone.  She has sharp blueline shots on net.  She could work on heads-up and make sure pass placement is dialed in.  We look forward to honing her skillset in high school.  

Veronica Taylor #44 (Boston Advantage U16, F, 2024): Taylor a rugged player that gives it her all. She handles the puck well in movement.  She plays hard, physical and is passionate about winning.  She is big, strong and will hustle to the play, which she can run into some issues leading to making the team down a player.  We look forward to seeing her game develop in the coming years.  

Sasha Weiner #5 (Ironbound Elite U14, D, 2025): Weiner can pass on a dime and set the shot that finds the back of the net.  She is able to hold the blueline and gets back. 

Nikita Danchak #4 (CT Polar Bears U14, D, 2025): Nikita is a physical player that uses her skating to maneuver the zones.  She has accuracy but could work on power of shot.  Angles and gaps good.  Used on penalty kill special team.  

Kyla O’Byrne #6 (CT Jr. Rangers, F, 2022): O’Byrne is a smart wing that supports her center well.  Her positioning is good and found herself in the perfect spot to backhand a puck into the net to put her team on the board.  She serves on the penalty kill special team and works hard. 

Kylie McGregor #96 (Team Colorado U14, D, 2025): McGregor has a good blueline quick release.  Her snap and wrister are on target.  She protects her zone and passes well.  We look forward to seeing more of her.  

Maria Suarez #82 (CT Jr. Rangers, G, 2025): Suarez is an athletic net tender that tracks the puck well.  Her movement is smooth, and she covers hard.  

Brooke McLaughin #56 (CT Polar Bears U14, F): McLaughin is a tall physical player that wins battles along the boards.  She shows leadership on the ice and works hard.  We look forward to watching her progress.  

Kate Elbrecht #14 (Syracuse Valley Eagles U14, F): Elbrecht is a physical right winger.  She uses her size to drive the net and get hard shots off.  We look forward to tracking her development.  

Sophia Dadd #55 (CT Polar Bears U14, F, 2025): Dadd covers center.  She has a great mindset and playmaker style to her game.  She is unselfish, passing quick to leading F1 or drawing defense to open net shot.  We look forward to seeing her develop in the coming years. 

Isobel Christian #57 (Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, F): Christian Is a physical player with good work effort.  She has a good compete level and we look forward to seeing her play more.  

Emersyn Carpenter #83 (CT Northern Lights U14, F): Carpenter plays wing and can skate while handling the puck well.  She has a good shot on target.  Cycles in the offensive zone.  


Olivia Gill #29 (CT Jr. Eagles, D): Gill is a notable defender that plays with grit good speed handling the puck.  She has skill to keep her feet moving to find the open lane for the breakout or offense shot.  She has a hard wrist shot.   

Eva Witkowski #4 (CT Jr. Eagles, F): Witkowski is a notable good skater both forward and backwards.  She plays with confidence and gives full effort.  She is aggressive on the penalty kill.