The NGHL Fall Classic, Futures West Tournament, held in Omaha over the Columbus Day weekend, was a remarkable display of talent, teamwork, and sheer determination, as our youngest players had a chance to compete at their level and gain valuable experience. It was also the perfect opportunity to shine – the event saw several sensational hat tricks.

12U Division 

10U Division 

The NGHL Fall Classic, Futures West was a celebration of youth hockey talent. The hat tricks scored by these young players exemplified the potential and promise of the sport. As these talented athletes continue to develop and hone their skills, they are sure to make a significant impact on the world of hockey in the years to come.

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Photos by Maddie Braun

The Buffalo State women’s hockey team demonstrated their dedication to growing the game and empowering young female athletes by leading NGHL’s free girls’ hockey clinic in celebration of IIHF Girls Hockey Weekend, on October 7, 2023.

With enthusiasm and skill, these accomplished players acted as inspiring mentors for the next generation of female hockey stars. Their expertise and guidance on the ice, combined with their passion for the sport, created an inclusive and welcoming environment for girls 8U-12U to develop their skills, fostering a sense of camaraderie and empowerment.

This initiative not only showcased the team’s commitment to the sport but also highlighted the significance of gender equality in the world of hockey, making the event a resounding success and a testament to the positive impact of IIHF Girls Hockey Weekend.

About the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend. The World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend is a global awareness campaign for girls to try out hockey as a new sport. Thousands of participants took part since the start in 2011. Women’s ice hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the world thanks to events like this one and similar programs that are being run in many countries.

About Buffalo State Women’s Ice Hockey. Buffalo State Women’s Hockey team is an NCAA Division III team playing in the NEWHL conference.

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