Although the 2023-24 season was filled with many exhilarating moments, February is the month when the NGHL crowns its champions. As the season culminated in three weekends of determination, several teams rose to the occasion, etching their names in the annals of NGHL history.

Leading the charge in the NGHL Championship, Red Division, in a sweep across all age groups, were the formidable Lovell Academy Lions. Dominating their respective categories, the Lions showcased their prowess and teamwork, securing victories in the 14U, 16U, and 19U divisions. Their consistency and dedication throughout the season were truly commendable, setting a high standard for aspiring hockey players everywhere.

In the Futures Division, the Ironbound Elite emerged triumphant in the 12U Red division category, displaying a blend of talent and tenacity that propelled them to success. Similarly, Krivo Hockey demonstrated their skill and determination in the 12U Blue division, clinching the championship title and leaving a lasting impression on fans and competitors alike.

Shifting focus to the NGHL Championship, Blue Division, the Lake City White Caps stood tall as the champions in the 14U category, leaving no doubt about their capabilities on the ice. In the 16U division, the Coeur D’Alene Lady Thunder emerged as worthy champions and inspiring respect with their skillful play. Rounding off the champions in the Blue Division were the Middlesex Bears in the 19U category. Their grit was on full display as they battled their way to victory.

Congratulations to all the champions of the NGHL season. Beyond the thrill of victory and the glory of hoisting the championship trophy, these teams exemplified the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication that lie at the heart of youth hockey. Their achievements serve as a testament to the countless hours of hard work put in by players, coaches, and staff behind the scenes. As we celebrate these champions, we eagerly anticipate the continued development and success of these talented teams and the promising future that lies ahead for the NGHL.

We also recognize the dedication of the coaches, managers, and supporters who make moments like these possible. Their unwavering commitment to fostering a love for the game and providing a platform for young female athletes to excel is truly inspirational.

Labor Day weekend in Connecticut brought an electrifying surge of excitement as the National Girls Hockey League (NGHL) hosted its Labor Day Challenge from September 2nd to September 4th, 2023. The NGHL, known for promoting and developing female ice hockey, welcomed over 55 teams and more than 1,000 talented players from across the United States. 

Labor Day Challenge was a melting pot of hockey talent, with teams hailing from various states, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Florida, and New Hampshire. This diverse participation emphasized the universal appeal of ice hockey and the growth of women’s hockey across the nation.

The tournament featured players ranging from 12U to high school seniors, ensuring that every level of talent had a chance to shine on the ice. Labor Day Challenge was a platform for aspiring female hockey players to exhibit their prowess on the rink. It wasn’t just about winning; it was about the camaraderie, determination, and sheer love for the game that shone through every player. Spectators witnessed skill, teamwork, and strategic thinking throughout the weekend.

Congratulations to these division winners!!

The NGHL Labor Day Challenge has been a pivotal event in promoting girl’s hockey. By offering a stage for young and talented players to compete, the NGHL fosters a sense of empowerment among female athletes. The tournament inspires girls to dream big and pursue their passion for hockey, knowing that they are part of a growing and supportive community.

LDC highlighted the growing prominence of women’s ice hockey and served as an inspiration for young girls with dreams of making it big in the sport. As we look forward to future editions of this prestigious tournament, we can only anticipate even greater moments of skill, dedication, and the unwavering spirit of female athletes. The NGHL Labor Day Challenge is more than just a hockey tournament; it’s a celebration of the passion and talent that make women’s hockey an extraordinary and growing force in the world of sports.

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Excitement is in the air as the National Girls Hockey League (NGHL) welcomes 15 new members to its prestigious ranks. With each new addition, the league continues to grow, making strides in promoting women’s hockey and providing a platform for talented players to showcase their skills. This season we extend a warm welcome to Biggby Coffee, Black Bears, Fort Erie Intl Academy, Philadelphia Jr Flyers, Rochester Jr Americans, San Diego Angles, Winchendon School, Krivo Hockey, Montgomery Youth Hockey, Danbury Hattricks, HTX Storm, Lake City White Caps, NYC Cyclones, Valley Jr Warriors, and Queen City Royals as they embark on their NGHL journey. 

Let’s take a closer look at each team and their contributions to the league.

1. Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee AAA Hockey (formerly known as Meijer AAA Hockey) is part of the West Michigan Elite Hockey Association, a Tier 1 affiliate in Michigan, and was started 15 years ago. It has made its purpose to develop and advance Michigan players to the highest level. Biggby AAA has placed over 100 boys and girls in Junior and college hockey respectively, making it one of the most successful youth hockey programs in Michigan. 

2. Black Bears

The Tier I Girls Junior Program is where student-athletes across North America come together to live and play in a dynamic, supportive community. The program has a two-fold goal: to help student-athletes move on to NCAA Division I, Division III, and top academic ACHA programs, while also providing them with the education, communication, and confidence-building tools they need to succeed on this journey. 

3. Fort Erie Intl Academy

Fort Erie International Academy (FEIA) is a beautiful Canadian 6-12 private boarding school, located minutes from the USA and Niagara Falls. FEIA is home to a rich and diverse student body seeking academic and athletic excellence and prides itself on its certified teachers, world-class facilities, elite athletics, and inclusive ethos.

4. Philadelphia Jr Flyers

f you plan on playing College, USHL, or any higher level of play, the Jr. Flyers teams are the place to be. The nationally recognized Jr. Flyers Program has a rich hockey history, they bring a sense of tradition and passion to the league.

5. Rochester Jr Americans

The Jr Americans showcase some of the most promising young talents in girls’ hockey. Their commitment to player development and sportsmanship aligns perfectly with the NGHL’s core values.

6. San Diego Angels

The San Diego Angels are a nationally competitive, non-profit girls’ ice hockey organization focused on developing strong players, good citizens, and great students. The club’s goal is to prepare all of our players for the next level, whatever that may be (NCAA or otherwise). The club demands a positive environment for all of our families and have an expectation for a high commitment level.  

7. Winchendon School

At The Winchendon School, the student-athletes find success on and off the ice as well-rounded, confident, and self-reliant young adults prepared for the rigors of college academics and athletics.

8. Krivo Hockey

Krivo School of Hockey is a premier destination for players of all ages and skill levels seeking an exceptional learning experience. With an unwavering focus on pure skill development, the hockey school, camps, and private sessions offer unparalleled challenges and growth. 

9. Montgomery Youth Hockey

MYHA is the largest ice hockey club in the Washington DC area and one of the largest ice hockey Clubs on the East Coast. MYHA aims to offer young female hockey players opportunities to compete at the level that is commensurate with their development and desired commitment as a hockey player, from beginner to college-bound, in a community that fosters camaraderie, a lifetime love of the game, and outstanding sportsmanship. MYHA and its board are committed to growing the club in order to offer the breadth of programs needed to achieve its mission.

10. Danbury Hattricks

Danbury Elite Girls Hattrick provides opportunities for girls of all levels to participate in the exciting and challenging sport of hockey. Hockey requires not only skill and strength, but also strategic thinking and the ability to work effectively as part of a team, and their organization is dedicated to helping girls develop these qualities while improving their fitness, strength, and coordination. With the phenomenal growth of girls’ hockey in recent years, Danbury understands the importance of providing a supportive and social environment where girls can thrive both on and off the ice.

11. HTX Storm

The Houston Girls Hockey Association (HGHA) / HTX Storm was formed in 2021 as the only girls’ hockey organization in Houston, Texas. The HGHA is intently focused on development in a fun and safe environment, creating a positive culture that breeds enthusiasm for the sport, and providing pathways for all girls to pursue their hockey dreams.

12. Lake City White Caps

The Lake City Whitecaps are part of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association and serve as the girl’s 14U program under Sauk Prairie Youth Hockey.  Their girls’ program started in 2017 and has quickly grown to become one of the largest in the state.  They look forward to competitive play and a great season with the NGHL.

13. NYC Cyclones

The NYC Cyclones are New York City’s premier youth hockey organization. Cyclones teams compete in tournaments and college/prep school showcases across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic areas, and beyond depending on a team’s level of play. Our Girls’ teams have participated in New York State and National Championships with our 2022-23 Girls 19U Tier II semi-finalist in the National Championships.

14. Queen City Royals

The Queen City Royals Hockey Program creates a positive environment where young athletes build confidence through the game of hockey. They foster a culture where the demands are physical, mental, and at times emotional. They hold their athletes accountable to their coaches, teammates, and ultimately themselves as they develop hockey players to be the best they can be on the ice and within the community.

15. Valley Jr Warriors

The Valley Junior Warriors program is dedicated to providing a highly competitive and supportive environment where players of all age groups can maximize the development of their individual athletic skills. The program is able to accomplish this by offering one of the most comprehensive developmental programs in the Northeast.  It is managed by a proven and experienced coaching staff that includes former professional and top collegiate players, as well as current NHL scouts.

As the National Girls Hockey League opens its arms to 15 new teams, the future of girls’ hockey looks brighter than ever. Each team brings a unique set of skills, values, and perspectives, enriching the league’s diversity. We look forward to an exhilarating season of competitive hockey, team spirit, and unforgettable moments. To the new members of the NGHL, we say, “Welcome aboard, and may you thrive and make history in this incredible journey!” Let’s drop the puck and get this thrilling season started!

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Furthering a youth hockey career into college is an exciting decision for many athletes. There are four NGHL member teams who have 19 signees headed all over the United States and we are excited to share where they are going. 

The NGHL teams that have signees for the month of September are the Syracuse Valley Eagles, Ironbound Elite, Lovell Academy Lions, and Florida Alliance. 

The Syracuse Valley Eagles have eight college commits who decided where they will be headed for their college careers. Addie Alvarez will be joining the RIT Tigers, Carolyn Bourgeault heads to Concordia University in Wisconsin, Harper Weisbeck committed to Manhattanville College, Drew Kopek to State University of New York (SUNY) at Cortland, Helen VanDamme to Oswego State, Jordan Caroccio is off to SUNY Canton, Julia Peters to Stonehill College and Madison Flory will be headed to Western New England University. 

Ironbound Elite also has seven commits headed to schools all across New England and the East Coast. Aislin Tobin-Fretwell is off to New York to attend Queen’s University, Alex Degan to Long Island University, Cassidy Yaun is off to Connecticut to play at Trinity College, Cassie Borowski to Suffolk University, Lilli Warnock has committed to Plymouth State University, Maddie Smith is joining the Sacred Heart University Big Red and Pulse Drying-Andersen is off to Stonehill College. 

Lovell Academy Alliance will have four Division I and III commitments for the month of September. Adreanna Doucette and Hayley Kelleher will both be joining the Clarkson University Golden Knights, McKenzie Brown committed to Nazareth College and Kieren Poulin will be headed to UMASS Amherst. 

Florida Alliance will have two commitments: Alexis Fitzsimmons is headed to Norwich University and Frankie Miller is off to Adrian College in Michigan. 

Congratulations to all of these commitments from the month of September and we wish you all the best of luck!